THE KNOT – exhibition of works – available in Warsaw, Berlin and Bucharest

August 23, 2022

It’s not often that a single exhibition is able to bring together world-renowned contemporary art from three different countries, but The Knot is doing just that. This highly anticipated exhibition showcases works by some of the most respected artists in Warsaw, Berlin and Bucharest and is now available for public viewing in all three cities.

The Knot features an incredible selection of art ranging from painting, sculpture, photography, installations, media art and digital artworks. Each piece has been carefully curated to represent the individual style and imagination of the exhibiting artists. The exhibition also includes video interviews with each artist to further explore their creative process and philosophy.

Visitors of The Knot can expect an immersive experience as they are taken on a visual journey through different cities and cultures. From Bucharest to Berlin and finally Warsaw; each work reinforces the strengths of the participating cities’ art culture. Viewers will also have the chance to engage with the artwork through special interactive activities designed by the exhibition’s curator.

The Knot is a great opportunity for art lovers in Warsaw, Berlin and Bucharest to come together to experience outstanding works of art from many different countries and traditions. It’s sure to leave a memorable impression on all its visitors. So if you happen to be in one of these three cities, make sure you don’t miss your chance to see this incredible exhibition!

The countdown to this year’s most exciting art show is on – The Knot brings together vanguard works from three countries: Poland, Germany, and Romania. The exhibition showcases an impressive range of artistic expression and explores some of the most ambitious projects created by artists in these countries.

For the first time in its 10-year history, The Knot will be holding simultaneous shows across Warsaw, Berlin, and Bucharest. Each city will host its own separate showcase, consisting of works by local emerging and established contemporary artists, whose works take multiple forms including sculpture, painting, installation, performance art, and photography.

The main exhibition in Warsaw will inhabit two spaces – Muzeum Sztuki Nowoczesnej and Fabryka Sztuki. It will include multimedia installations by Andrzej Przywara, large-scale paintings by Marta Kirszenbaum, sculptures by Łukasz Skąpski and Kata Modrzewska-Noskowska, and abstractions by Agata Adaśko.

The Berlin show traverses many different media — from sculptures crafted out of glass or metal to performance art — with a particular focus on expanding the definition of abstract art with regard to both form and concept. Participating artists include Anne Schwalbe, Marija Udovičić Abrić, or Joachim Eckl.

The exhibition in Bucharest pays tribute to work unhindered by systematization or genre definition — yet always under the watchful eye of a curator who will guide visitors’ interpretations through open dialogues during the daily tours. Featured artists include Ruxandra Bapşa-Günther, Valeriu Luchian, Simion Isacov, Ștefania Ferchedău and Bogdan Mateș—all capturing their own views on our world in profoundly personal packages.