THE KNOT – an exhibition of works by more and less famous artists

August 23, 2022

The Knot – an exhibition of works by both more and less famous artists – is one of the highlights of this year’s art season. The show, which will be on display from August 15th to November 1st at the Neuer Kunstgallerie, is the perfect place to see some of the best works in recent art history.

The Knot promises to be a unique experience: with pieces from a variety of well-known and up-and-coming artists around the world, it’s sure to provide something for everyone. From surrealism to surrealism in 3D, modern expressionism to abstract painting, this year’s show features a vast range of styles and techniques, making sure there’s plenty to appreciate.

The pieces featured in The Knot all have one thing in common – they explore themes of entanglement and connection. Curator Mona Chang explains: ‘This exhibition is all about the threads that link us together – to one another, our experiences, and our environment. It’s about how these ties enrich our identity; whether or not we choose to acknowledge them.’

Not only does The Knot focus on works that touch upon such powerful topics, it also strives to include as many international voices and perspectives as possible. Chang adds: ‘We wanted to create a space where we could bring together a range of talented individuals who may not necessarily have had a platform before. We wanted their artwork to come through just as strongly as those from established names – as we think they offer something truly unique and valuable.’

So if you have an eye for art and are eager to explore unusual angles and perspectives, The Knot is not to be missed! The exhibition will be free for all for its duration, so come on down and discover something new this artistic season.

The Knot is an upcoming art exhibition that will bring together works from renowned and lesser-known artists alike. Hosted by the Edington Galleries of Contemporary Art, this eclectic show will highlight a variety of different mediums, styles, and perspectives.

For those looking to explore the works of contemporary artists, this is the perfect opportunity! Whether you’re a fan of popular pieces or you enjoy delving into off-the-beaten paths, The Knot offers something for everyone. Viewers can expect to see paintings, sculptures, digital pieces, and even installations. All of these mediums will be displayed within the gallery’s spacious exhibition hall, creating a vibrant atmosphere that is sure to captivate its audience.

In addition to providing visitors with an array of artistic experiences, The Knot also features interactive elements and talks. Conversations with featured artists will be hosted throughout the exhibition period, allowing attendees to gain an in-depth understanding of their works. Moreover, there are ‘discussion stations’ where viewers can share their insights with others and interact if they so choose.

With such a variety of works on display and engaging activities on offer, The Knot is bound to captivate art lovers from all walks of life. The Edington Galleries of Contemporary Art are proud to be presenting this unique event – make sure you don’t miss out!