THE KNOT – exhibition of works – available in Warsaw, Berlin and Bucharest

August 23, 2022

The Knot is a collective exhibit of works which aims to raise awareness on the subject of migration.

This exhibition is composed of three parts: paintings, video projections and installation.

The project was created by two artists – Łukasz Nowak and Magda Zielińska. This project has been showcased in Warsaw, Berlin and Bucharest.

The exhibition of works entitled THE KNOT is a project which consists in the compilation of drawings, paintings and sculptures, made exclusively by students. It will be available at the three locations: Warsaw, Bucharest and Berlin.

The artworks are mostly about the life-cycle and their lifespan in general. The process of both creation, as well as destruction, is explored to the fullest extent possible through various modes of expression.

The Knot is an exhibition of the artistic work of Roman Banaszak and Jakub Kościelnicki. The Knot is a site-specific installation, in which the artists have taken up the notion of a knot at three different sites in Warsaw, Berlin and Bucharest. The first knot can be found at Warsaw’s Millenium Hilton Hotel. Here we have a huge steel sculpture that dominates one end of the lobby. It consists of two ropes intertwined with each other thanks to which they form an eternal, immobile knot .

The exhibition focuses on the link between the body and the space. As a meeting point of various art forms, it touches on different aspects of human life, such as sexuality, social interaction, intimacy. The body is not only its physical shape – it can be a costume with the potential to change its appearance.

The exhibition presents original works by artists from Warsaw, Berlin and Bucharest: Mirosław Bałaż (Warsaw), Julia Popielawska (Berlin) and Igor Ciuciulin (Bucharest).

The Knot is a collection of video art that tells the story of a fictionalized romantic relationship.

The exhibition of works, titled THE KNOT, is composed by old and new videos by artist Monica Ruggeri. The KNOT is an artistic show that explores how we construct relationships through communication and online correspondence.

This exhibition has been presented in Warsaw (2013), Berlin (2014) and Bucharest (2015).

The Knots are a series of sculptures that embody an idea of the interconnectedness of the world. The works were created with the use of digital tools and are made from paper.

In this exhibition, visitors will be able to get a glimpse into how these sculptures were created and how they represent the idea of humanity’s relationship with our planet.

The exhibition presents an overview of contemporary art works and projects by artists from Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Romania.

The exhibition is available in Warsaw, Berlin and Bucharest.

The curators have selected 21 artists with different artistic approaches for this exhibition which unites the “Bucharest generation” with the German-speaking world.

This exhibition of works by Dutch artist Willem Dreesen is not about presenting merely a given magnitude of artworks. It is about exploring the connections between them and understanding their significance for the viewer in an aesthetic context.

The exhibition presents his latest series of paintings, called “A Curious Perspective”. The artist gives a personal twist to well-known paintings and photographs through the use of perspective and colours, while remaining true to their original composition.

Moreover, he develops other themes that are connected with the history of painting: philosophical themes such as personification or allegory as well as more recent subjects such as photorealism and abstraction.

The exhibition presents a selection of works by artists who explore the transition of “street” to “gallery” over the course of the 1990s.

The exhibition has been curated by Kalina Bonta, it is the final project for her MA in Curatorial Practice at Central Saint Martins, University of Arts London. It opens on July 17th and will be available in Warsaw until August 19th, in Berlin until September 2nd and in Bucharest until September 30th.

This exhibition is a part of The Knot project which is supported by Creative Europe through the European Commission’s Culture Programme.