Inside - Out

Architectural probings in Ursynów's public spaces

Three parallel open workshops by and with: Testbedstudio (Stockholm): Anders Johansson & Erik Wingquist; Peter Fattinger (Vienna); Office for Subversive Architecture & Sitios: Oliver Langbein & Bernhard Rehn. In collaboration with: Lifespace (Warsaw), Maciej Czeredys, Monika Komorowska. Workshops hosted by Markus Bader (Raumlabor Berlin) and the KNOT.

How do we want to shape our future living environments? The workshops-series „Inside - out“ starts with the hypothesis that top down urban planning methods, aiming to achieve a determined project through an abstract process of planning and internal discussion, aiming to predefine possible futures, do not work in many situations. If we understand the city as a dynamic entity, we could read it with the analogy of a living being. And life does not generally follow planned routes, but is rather good for surprises and detours. Looking for a less deterministic, but more dynamic approach to architecture, we need to find ways of integrating learning and testing situations into the design and planning processes. Working with 1:1 actions and interventions allows to get in touch with the real conditions of a place.

The workshops take place in the KNOT in Ursynów, in the green heart of a model housuing estate.

Workshop by Testbedstudio: "Outline"

On the hill where The Knot is located, we will mark out a field with the dimensions 105 by 68 meters (the same as Camp Nou in Barcelona), with lines of wet chalk (the same as is used for marking lines on a football field). Within this space, the outline of a city will emerge, as a condensation of various planar features of the Ursynów district. This will be the field in which the workshop participants, with the help of the people of Ursynów, may assemble, test and enact some of the things that exist in the area, as well as some other things that may happen in the future. This may be a living room, the bicycle shed, the corner shop, constructed with physical material and placed somewhere within the marked out field. In the same time it will be a way of finding out new ways in which the park itself may be used.

The workshop by Testbedstudio is organized with support by: Iaspis - The Swedish Arts Grants Committeé's International Programme for Visual Artists (www.iaspis.com).

Workshop by OSA & SITIOS: "Lucha Libre Urbana"

How do we react to the increasing commercialization and privatization of public space? How free is the use of free-space?

Issue is the question regarding the actual freedom of using public space. How public is public-space? What is desired / usual / allowed / tolerated / unusual / unwanted / banned? We want to challenge the social functions of the public space. We want to explore what happens, if we put typical every day rituals from Mexico to Warsaw.

In this complex of themes we want to set up experimental arrangements and test them in real space. We address typical Central-American utilization strategies to Warsaw.

Task: Based on the Mobile Unit of THE KNOT we‘re going to explore the city as a kind of „freedom fighters“ for the urban public space. We‘re going to use Lucha-Libre-Masks and other slightly modified behaviors / elements of the Mexican street-life. Such as street trading [Ambulantajes], services like cleaning and polishing shoes, cleaning the window panes of the cars waiting at the red traffic lights. Slightly transformed particular cultural features and religious peculiarities [Santa Muerte, Lucha Libre]. We‘re aiming at achieving a discussion with the inhabitants, the actors and the strollers by confronting them with unexpected strategies of using space.

Workshop by Peter Fattinger: "Neighborhood Tools"

The aim of the workshop is to create tools, in form of small installations and interventions, which should evoke and provoke public interaction amongst the people living in the Ursynów neighborhood. Hereby the collaboration and participation of the local neighbors with the workshop-project is an important issue.

The first day of the workshop (Monday) should be used to investigate the social structure of the neighborhood and to collect information from neighbors themselves, concerning local problems, peculiarities, needs and secret wishes which they associate with the Roman Kozłowski park.

With the information gained, special, site-specific tools should be developed by the workshop participants in collaboration with some energetic neighbors of Ursynów. In the best case we finally will leave some things behind in the park, to be appropriated, assimilated and maybe even further developed by and for the local neighborhood, when the workshop team is gone.

"Inside - Out": Program of the events

Saturday 26 June 2010
20:00 Lectures by Testbedstudio and Raumlabor Berlin

Sunday 27 June 2010
11:00 Action as Method, Discussion. Walk and talk: site visits, choice of working groups
20:00 Lectures by Office for Subversive Architecture and Peter Fattinger

Monday 28 June 2010
11.00-20.00: Group work - probings
Extra on Monday: Lecture by the Office for Subversive Architecture in MOMA Warsaw

Tuesday 29 June 2010
11:00-18:00: Group work
20:00 Urban Design Workshop 2010 meets the KNOT, Discussion with the KNOT team and presentations by leaders and participants of Urban Design Workshop 2010 - Nikolai Roskamm, Ursula Flecken, Katarzyna Pluta, Sławomir Gzell

Wednesday 30 June 2010
11:00-19:00 Group work
20:30 Presentation of the results


Worshops are open for participants and free of charge! Registration recommended, as places are limited!

Info: mb@knotland.net
Registration: bec@funbec.eu


Wednesday, 30.06.2010 | 21:30

Warsaw Ursynów Workshop